Client satisfaction

We value our client relationships and pledge to do our best to meet the unique needs of every assignment -- with excellence, efficiency and effectiveness.


Saving cash through standardization. Cathodic-protection systems can be maintained for many years. But sometimes, a client needs something new.

A natural-gas utility client recently needed to install new CP systems and replace old, non-current-producing ground beds when some existing systems failed or reached their design lifespans. The client had the need to install many of these systems in a limited amount of time. However, some new client procedures led to requirements for new specifications, which had to be designed and approved prior to installations.

CPM consulted with the client and created a universal specification -- for each installation. The standardized approach made approvals easy. Once the standard got the green light, the time required to receive separate approvals was eliminated.

Result: Client was able to save time and money in installing these required systems.


Compliance-driven troubleshooting. Proactive, preventive approaches are certainly the best way to manage corrosion control. But sometimes a situation requires remedies when systems are not performing as expected. 

A Midwestern energy-industry client faced requirements from state regulators to investigate, test and remediate all CP readings that were not meeting or exceeding acceptable levels. The regulatory notice said they had a year to analyze and develop solutions. The client had a widespread territory to cover to complete the testing, but did not have the personnel to meet the geographical demands of the project.

CPM assembled and managed a team of qualified specialists to complete this testing and remedial action.

Result: The client was able to meet all regulatory compliance dates and enhance the integrity of their pipelines’ corrosion protection.