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  • Protecting against water-line failure

    In incorporated areas, we take water service for granted. Open the faucet. It flows. Into the sink, the tub or a lawn sprinkler. That does occur without fail if municipal officials maintain their delivery systems. Learn more

  • Taking measurements that matter

    The beauty of cathodic protection systems are the standards that support them. You can take a reading that will show if the metal is protected against damage by corrosion. Learn more

  • Neutralizing interference

    Potential sources of corrosion are wide-ranging. We commonly think of moisture on steel leading to rust. But many electro-chemical reactions have the ability to undermine the effective lifespan of a pipe or tank system. Learn more


    We provide external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) -- a structured process that improves safety by assessing and reducing the impact of external corrosion on pipeline integrity. Learn more

  • AC Mitigation

    Pipelines that travel across country, though utility right-of-ways (ROWs), under high tension electric power lines, may pick up AC voltage. Learn more

  • Ground Bed and Rectifier Installations / CP System Replacement

    Petroleum pipelines typically use impressed current cathodic protection (IC-CP) systems to help mitigate corrosion activity. Learn more

  • RFID Tags Installation

    An energy-industry client had decided to install radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags at all their cathodic protection test locations (test stations, bond boxes, rectifiers, etc.) to better track when and where the readings (soil-to-structure potentials, bond currents, rectifier outputs) were being taken. Learn more


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